Miriam Aleman

Senior Program Coordinator

Pinal County

Miriam Aleman, AZ Project WE Program Coordinator, Pinal County Cooperative Extension, Portrait Photo

Growing up in Arizona, between the dry cities of Nogales and Tucson, I gained a profound appreciation for the monsoon rains which swept into town – I’d jump in the puddles and pools of water, kick at the streams which rushed down the road, into the gutters. I distinctly remember throughout childhood in Nogales, times of shortage and water rationing. Despite my wrought reverence for water, my career did not begin there. Instead, many jobs preceded this one but here, at the University of Arizona, I’ve been given the opportunity to really excel and discover my interests. I was given the opportunity to work with Arizona Project WET in 2014 and since then my background in water issues and conservation have broaden. Overall, my unusual path to college has provided me incredibly unique experiences and an unconventional outlook on challenges; Using these skills, I know I can be a strong environmental activist and a caring water educator able to reach students and teachers of Arizona.


  • B.S. Environmental Science, The University of Arizona