Inspiring Next Generation Water Stewards

Arizona Project WET brings STEM education to your classroom! The Water Scene Investigation School Programs challenge students to inspect water use in their homes and/or at school and take action to save water. The programs are facilitated by trained Arizona Project WET water educators in partnership with local organizations and water utilities. 

Home Water Audit

This program offers STEM education for middle school students to inspire simple actions that result in real water savings. In this program, students investigate water use at home. Students take hands-on measurements to help them quantify bathroom faucet flow and conduct interviews with household members to help them understand frequency and duration of water use. They then use the collected data to estimate water use in gallons per day, month, or year.

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School Water Audit

The School Water Audit Program (SWAP) is an instructional module that is designed to teach the inquiry process through relevant water content. This program is STEM-focused: students apply the scientific process, mathematical thinking, problem-solving skills, and systems thinking. In this program, students inspect water use at school and take action to save water.

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Athletic Field Water Audit

The Athletic Field Water Audit Program is a real-world and relevant STEM education program that focuses on outdoor water use at school. Through exploration and inquiry, students investigate an athletic field’s irrigation system. They use 16 catch cans around each sprinkler head to quantify how much water is sprayed in ten minutes and use that data to determine how evenly the water is distributed.

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